If the hat fits…

It started with a perfectly straightforward and reasonable request. Could I please make a sunhat for Abby?

The chance to sew something small and cute? I think we all knew what my answer was going to be.

So I trotted out this bit of super cuteness

003  that my friend Larissa sent, and found the leftover fabric from a dress that I made Abby a few weeks ago

and duly cut out the newborn size. The pieces seemed a bit large but these days, my efforts at baby millinery are more likely to be knitted or crochet than sewn, so I trusted that the people at Butterick knew what they were about,  found the appropriate colour thread, adjusted the needle position on the machine to a dressmakerly 5/8th inch, as opposed to my default quilterly 1/4″, and off I went.

Two ‘rabbit ears’ to form the bow


an inside and an outside


it all went together exactly as it was supposed to … and it would fit a newborn just fine


… so long as the newborn was a hippopotamus.

Okay. Slight exaggeration there. The hat will probably fit a baby, oh, say, about  … mmm … six months old … like, say, my other Granddaughter, Asher. But it certainly won’t fit Abby until long after she’s grown out of the matching dress.

So then I decided to just have a crack at fudging together a simple brimmed sunhat pattern of my own. Without the fancy ‘rabbit ear’ bow. Just your basic garden variety sunhat.

My ‘template’ was a  china cat-food bowl with a circumference a few centimeters bigger than the desired finished size, I guessed at the height of the rise on the crown, and just cut another circle a few inches bigger than the first for the brim, once again using my handy dandy cat bowl for the cut out in the middle.

The fabric this time is vintage Laura Ashley, and I made a bow out of even-more-vintage pink satin ribbon and a flower cut from a piece of scrap lace from my English quilting friend Val G.


Perhaps my sewing/pressing wasn’t as smooth on the tiny brim as it was on the first one Yes, I mean that point there in the front. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much [ damn the perfectionist gene ]

Obviously I haven’t tried the result on anyone animate yet but I think the size is about right for a certain young lady formerly known as Cookie.



9 thoughts on “If the hat fits…

  1. Maria says:

    Love both hats. Such a clever Grandma!

  2. Maria says:

    Love both hats. Clever Grandma!!

  3. Daphne. Freke says:

    This will be the beginning of many, you know, Susan! I must be up to about No 10 for my 2-1/2 year old grandson! Very pretty hat, I might add. I may never get to make pretty hats as grandchild No 2 (yet to be born) is going to be a boy too.

  4. Marcie says:

    We await the photo of Abby in her sweet new hat!

  5. two lucky little girls. well done.

  6. Lynne says:

    Both hats are so cute!

  7. Marigold says:

    Too absoltuley CUTE! You are so talented. Well done!

  8. ozjane says:

    Oh so very cute. She will be one smart young lady..

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