Bee-lieve it!

On these hot days, I try to get any outside stuff done as early as possible … goat feeding, gardening, that sort of thing. That done, I was just sort of idling and mindlessly perusing  the garden, watching magpies dart in to swipe goat-bread for their babies, and  the baby maggies – who are pretty much as big as their parents now, and only distinguishable by the grey breast and lack of adult girth – with their squawking and begging.

I happened to notice some European bees trundling around inside a pumpkin flower, so I sprinted for the camera, and they obliged by staying put long enough to have their portraits taken.



Then it crossed my mind that it was a pity that, despite numerous attempts over the years, I’d never managed to catch their much smaller and fleeter-of-wing counterparts, the native blue banded bees.

Of course, as soon as that thought raced through my brain, I noticed that said fat little navy blue guys were getting busy around the salvias.

Somehow, I doubt I’ll ever get to check for myself whether they DO in fact have pale blue stripes on their tiny tummies, but I finally got my photo [ and this time it only took about thirty tries ]

… and you might want to click on the photo to see just how fast those wee wings are going!


thunderbolts and lightning …

Not a drop of rain since last … what? … November maybe? and so what happens ?

Well, for a start, in the last couple of weeks, there have been at least four local [small and quickly bought under control ] fires started under suspicious circumstances. Then there was another started by someone who didn’t know enough not to use a ride-on mower on a total fireban day.

Day after day, the thermometer has soared over 30C. Way over 30C.

There have been predicted light showers that didn’t eventuate

So it was a bit of a surprise yesterday when the clouds rolled in, and got darker and darker, and …


this strange wet stuff started hitting the ground.


Now what’s it called? Been so long, I had   trouble identifying it. Starts with an ‘R’ if memory serves.

Oh yeah, that’s it!


it’s such a novelty we just sat on the verandah watching the lightning and listening to the delayed rumbles of thunder.


Bear wasn’t entirely sure about the whole undertaking


and was much happier once David and I decamped indoors.

There wasn’t what you’d call a downpour but the garden said “thankyou”


and now, thanks to four whingeing goatie girls who didn’t want to get wet sprinting for Casa Caprine, and therefore, opted for huddling under the house eaves, I have a house slightly redolent of eau-de-wet-goat-poo and a happy garden.

* of course today was 30C again and I needed to use the A/C, but hey. we got rain yesterday!

I WAS going to write about something else tonight, but…

for the first time in I don’t know HOW many years, I got a handmade Valentine’s day card …

from my son.010

Obviously there was a bit of help from someone at his Thursday night social group with the writing and the sentiment expressed, but I’m assured that Dave chose the pictures and stickers, did all the cutting out, and glueing. [ and managed to bring it home on the bus reasonably intact – no small thing ]


So sometime tomorrow or the next day, I’ll try to remember what the heck it was that I was going to write about [ actually this isn’t quite true, because I’ve written myself a note ] but in the meantime I’m feeling all rosy. Okay, so David didn’t initiate it and wouldn’t know Saint Valentine if he fell over him, but he made me this card, and gave me a big hug, and that’ll do me.