thunderbolts and lightning …

Not a drop of rain since last … what? … November maybe? and so what happens ?

Well, for a start, in the last couple of weeks, there have been at least four local [small and quickly bought under control ] fires started under suspicious circumstances. Then there was another started by someone who didn’t know enough not to use a ride-on mower on a total fireban day.

Day after day, the thermometer has soared over 30C. Way over 30C.

There have been predicted light showers that didn’t eventuate

So it was a bit of a surprise yesterday when the clouds rolled in, and got darker and darker, and …


this strange wet stuff started hitting the ground.


Now what’s it called? Been so long, I had   trouble identifying it. Starts with an ‘R’ if memory serves.

Oh yeah, that’s it!


it’s such a novelty we just sat on the verandah watching the lightning and listening to the delayed rumbles of thunder.


Bear wasn’t entirely sure about the whole undertaking


and was much happier once David and I decamped indoors.

There wasn’t what you’d call a downpour but the garden said “thankyou”


and now, thanks to four whingeing goatie girls who didn’t want to get wet sprinting for Casa Caprine, and therefore, opted for huddling under the house eaves, I have a house slightly redolent of eau-de-wet-goat-poo and a happy garden.

* of course today was 30C again and I needed to use the A/C, but hey. we got rain yesterday!


8 thoughts on “thunderbolts and lightning …

  1. happy for you but a tad envious of any rain. It is so dry here watering just runs off. Predicted rain doesn’t fall at my place either.

  2. Rosemary says:

    What is it about goats and getting wet. I once had a buck hide in an old water tank, keeping his head dry while the creek flooded and rose to his chest. Rescuing him was an adventure I can tell you.

  3. VAl Groombridge says:

    oh lucky you…..would be blissful to have some of the said wet stuff….its drier here now than during the drought, no fires yet thank goodness, send up a little prayer everyday when I leave the house, 30+ everyday is now becoming tedious!!!!!

  4. Rosemary says:

    He was our stud buck and when I retrieved all the other from the flooding paddock he wasn’t among them. The only place he could be and out of sight was in the tank so I made my way in knee deep water over to the tank and there he was, looking balefully out at me and blaming me for all the water. He really didn’t want to come out either! LOL

  5. Lynne says:

    Ah, the joys of country living!

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