I’ve been a baaaad Blogger


So this week I have:

enjoyed the company of quilting & knitting friends

played hostess to assorted friends and rellies over the weekend

finished a babyquilt

started a new quilt

finished a shawl

knitted most of a cowl

converted a too-small onsie into a cute little ruffled t-shirt

made several yummy healthy nourishing meals

got to quilting for the first time all year

lit the first bonfire of the season

had several walks-in-the-park-with-Bear

and basically photographed none of it

so in lieu of all the mental posts I wrote this week that didn’t make it onto the keyboard

I give you some fairly gratuitous Abby cuteness on the quilt that her ‘auntie’ Nat made for her:

066 (3)


6 thoughts on “I’ve been a baaaad Blogger

  1. That is one seriously lovely little girl.

  2. Lynne says:

    Gorgeous baby! Lovely quilt!

  3. Bronwen. says:

    Both lovely, but Abby takes the cake 🙂

  4. ozjane says:

    Aunty Nat is doing well. Good work. And of course Abby and Bear in a cuteness contest would be unfair.

  5. Mehitabel says:

    When life gets full, and busy, blogging has to take a back seat. Your Abby is a darling! (So is mine, but that’s another blog!)

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