Cuteness alert … oh, and some knitting too

Professional portrait photographer, the lovely Kenny Yam, who also happens to be a friend of a friend, was our sole male guest at Nadie’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Fundraiser last Thursday. Of course I’m a little bit biased but I have to say that under somewhat less than ideal studio conditions, in the middle of the happy chaos of cucumber sandwhiches, fairy bread, cups of tea, multiple conversations, and at least one baby in need of more sleep, he managed to get some wonderful pics.

With his permission, I’m sharing this pic of a shaggy dog myself, my late-mother’s younger sister Fay, Abby [ of course ] and her yummy mummy Nadie [ or Renata as she now prefers to be called ]


For those of you playing along at home this means Fay is Abigail’s Great Grand Aunt.

and just so that I can’t be accused of favouritism, here’s both my gorgeous girls:

Guess which one had just been woken up?


and no, I didn’t make the cute wee jacket. Other Nannie Janice did. Debbie Bliss Baby Duffle for anyone that’s interested

and yes, I did make one for Abby because Asher’s one was just

so damn cute:130 (2)

BTW If anyone in Melbourne would like to get in touch with Kenny, PM me for his email.

More cute kids in hats

I’m just back from Melbourne again, and so so so much to blog about … but not right now. If I try, my brain may well explode and that’s never going to be good.

So for now I’ll show you Master Noah [ last week’s birthday boy ] in his TMNT hat which did not come off his head the entire time that he was at his Auntie Nadie’s place yesterday. Please excuse Nannie’s dishevelled ‘do’ – I forgot to pack a brush or comb. This is me more or less au naturelle, or would be if blue hair could be considered natural.


and just so that no one can accuse me of being unfair, or biased in any way:

here’s my little Abby monkey


[photo:Judie Gade]




More Turtle Power

You may remember from the last post, that my major concern was whether the Teenage Mutant Turtle hats that I’d made for the three oldest grandkids would actually fit them.

I only had head circumferences to work from, which meant I pretty much had to wing it when it came to depth and also the width of the face openings.

Possibly more by good luck than good management, all three were a perfect fit

I can only provide visual proof for two because the birthday boy was a tad hyped up on sugar-and-presents and just would not sit still long enough

but the other two approved for sure



Turtle Power!

Remember these guys?turtles

Back in 1987, my eldest had me videotaping a new cartoon series that had just hit our screens, and which, unfortunately, aired just before he made it home from High School. Ergo the daily videotaping.

At least for a while.

I can’t remember whether he got over the TMNTs or whether the airing time changed and he was able to see them as they aired.

Probably a bit of both.

Anyway there have been many incarnations since. The cartoons aimed at kids were of necessity a bit lighter in tone than the comic book versions aimed at a slightly older audience, and the look of the turtles changed a bit when CGI came in.

I thought they’d faded into the mists of forgotten merchandising fads

Apparently not so.

My #2 grandson is currently enamoured with said Chelonians, so – at his daddy’s suggestion – I decided to make him a Raphael hat as part of his birthday present. This is Raphael:turtle3

I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked, and murky-turtle green was in astonishingly short supply in my stash. However, a quick hit on the Bendigo Woollen Mills website provided the appropriate colour [ although – surprisingly – they call it ‘Bracken’ rather than murky-turtle ] in the weight of yarn I preferred, and then my improvisational crochet skills were called into use.

First version using a conventional earflap … passable but not quite what I had in mind.


Version 2 with a more helmet type shape and with shaping into the back of the neck for maximum warmth:

Then I had to decide on how to do the eyes. Roundish and googly like the original turtles or more teardrop-shaped [ and slightly sinister ] like the later iterations?  I really preferred the look of the teardrop shaped ones, and after a little experimentation came up with these:011

But then it was gently suggested that similar hats for his siblings for be happily received , so a blue [Leonardo ] one for Riley, and a pink one for Asher even though there are no girl turtles as far as I know.


Finished this morning, for delivery tomorrow, and now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed that I managed to get the sizes right.

… and that they like them


ETA: the pink turtle now has eyelashes



* this was not a Mothers Day pressie as such

Twinings had these sweet decorative tea tins in mauve, grey or turquoise, on sale at Coles and Woolies supermarkets, but the nearest of those is about 80km round trip [ insert sadface here ] … and then I discovered that I could buy them on-line through the Twinings Australia site. So I ordered a couple for myself and one in Nadie’s favourite colour for her first Mother’s Day.

They arrived this morning which is pretty good going when you consider that I only ordered them on Friday.

Anyway, seeing that  I bought the big box o’tea for myself, why am I speechless you ask. Take another closer look at the label on the end of the box


Moter’s Day

… Epic fail from the packaging company / Twinings / whoever is responsible


who was so fixated on my big box of Twinings goodness that they didn’t even notice ?

Beary Happy Bear-thday

I did have a dog growing up – a daschund named Brandy – but he died when I was about 15, and there were no pets of any kind after him. Well, not until after Marc and got married, and acquired the first of many cats … and guppies … rabbit … guinea pigs … more cats … and of course, latterly, guinea fowl, duck[s] and goats.

But mainly cats.

So it was a huge surprise for many of my nearest and dearest  when I was adopted by Bear.

He was born on the property next door


and decided fairly quickly that I was his person.

**Cue puppy nuzzling into the side of my neck**

Brenda: ” You can have him if you like”

Me: “But I don’t need a dog”

Brenda:” But you can have this one …”

Me: “But …”


Well we all know how THAT turned out don’t we?


2008_0910miscellaneous0206 (Small)

Today, after a run past the butcher for the obligatory Natal Anniversary Bag O’ Bones, His Beariness was conveyed with full pomp and circumstance [ well actually, it was just the rug on the back seat of the SUV ] over to Emu Creek for a 5th birthday nosh-up with his sister Molly, and various members of the extended pack.

So Happy Birthday little buddy. Can’t imagine life without you any more.