Beary Happy Bear-thday

I did have a dog growing up – a daschund named Brandy – but he died when I was about 15, and there were no pets of any kind after him. Well, not until after Marc and got married, and acquired the first of many cats … and guppies … rabbit … guinea pigs … more cats … and of course, latterly, guinea fowl, duck[s] and goats.

But mainly cats.

So it was a huge surprise for many of my nearest and dearest  when I was adopted by Bear.

He was born on the property next door


and decided fairly quickly that I was his person.

**Cue puppy nuzzling into the side of my neck**

Brenda: ” You can have him if you like”

Me: “But I don’t need a dog”

Brenda:” But you can have this one …”

Me: “But …”


Well we all know how THAT turned out don’t we?


2008_0910miscellaneous0206 (Small)

Today, after a run past the butcher for the obligatory Natal Anniversary Bag O’ Bones, His Beariness was conveyed with full pomp and circumstance [ well actually, it was just the rug on the back seat of the SUV ] over to Emu Creek for a 5th birthday nosh-up with his sister Molly, and various members of the extended pack.

So Happy Birthday little buddy. Can’t imagine life without you any more.










8 thoughts on “Beary Happy Bear-thday

  1. Meow says:

    Happy Birthday, Bear xxx

  2. Rosemary says:

    A very happy birthday to you Bear. May you have many, many more to brighten the days of your loving mother.

  3. Happy Birthday little one – still just as cute as when he was a baby xxx

  4. Jean says:

    Happy Birthday Bear Xoxoxox

  5. Margaret says:

    Love the Bear, prefer him to the cats and gulp…the goats.

  6. Natty says:

    You know I don’t usually comment on your blog, I just tell you when I see you but that photo of Baby Bear and the toilet roll! I hope Bear had a wonderful birthday yesterday 🙂

  7. Lynne says:

    He’s changed just a little! 😉

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