More cute kids in hats

I’m just back from Melbourne again, and so so so much to blog about … but not right now. If I try, my brain may well explode and that’s never going to be good.

So for now I’ll show you Master Noah [ last week’s birthday boy ] in his TMNT hat which did not come off his head the entire time that he was at his Auntie Nadie’s place yesterday. Please excuse Nannie’s dishevelled ‘do’ – I forgot to pack a brush or comb. This is me more or less au naturelle, or would be if blue hair could be considered natural.


and just so that no one can accuse me of being unfair, or biased in any way:

here’s my little Abby monkey


[photo:Judie Gade]





One thought on “More cute kids in hats

  1. Maz says:

    Well and truly!!!……. Sooooooo much cuteness!!!!!!!!

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