Cuteness alert … oh, and some knitting too

Professional portrait photographer, the lovely Kenny Yam, who also happens to be a friend of a friend, was our sole male guest at Nadie’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Fundraiser last Thursday. Of course I’m a little bit biased but I have to say that under somewhat less than ideal studio conditions, in the middle of the happy chaos of cucumber sandwhiches, fairy bread, cups of tea, multiple conversations, and at least one baby in need of more sleep, he managed to get some wonderful pics.

With his permission, I’m sharing this pic of a shaggy dog myself, my late-mother’s younger sister Fay, Abby [ of course ] and her yummy mummy Nadie [ or Renata as she now prefers to be called ]


For those of you playing along at home this means Fay is Abigail’s Great Grand Aunt.

and just so that I can’t be accused of favouritism, here’s both my gorgeous girls:

Guess which one had just been woken up?


and no, I didn’t make the cute wee jacket. Other Nannie Janice did. Debbie Bliss Baby Duffle for anyone that’s interested

and yes, I did make one for Abby because Asher’s one was just

so damn cute:130 (2)

BTW If anyone in Melbourne would like to get in touch with Kenny, PM me for his email.


One thought on “Cuteness alert … oh, and some knitting too

  1. donna lee says:

    What a lovely portrait of the women of your family!

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