Resistance is futile

Clearly the feline dictators benign rulers of this abode see it as a truth apparent to all, that, in exchange for their daily tribute of kibble, it behooves them to make sure that nothing of a textile-in-progress nature should be allowed the slightest possibility of escape.

To this end, Suki designated herself the sitter-upon-er of the pieced quilt borders that I was attempting to attach to their designated quilt


Sumi, not to be outdone by this display of feline virtue, sat my freshly washed black linen into submission


and MissC – clearly in competition with the other two – demonstrated that her role was to prevent any escape attempts by the rest of the quilt


although she did take over linen squashing duties briefly while Sumi was otherwise occupied with secret cat business


At about this point, I realised that it was almost time to drive into town for a couple of hours of chai / crochet / chat at The Dove with Marcie, and to forestall anything untoward happening while I was gone, the remaining borders were pinned to the design wall and the quilt folded safely on a shelf, while I quickly updated my FB status with the latest feline activities. This probably took all of five two minutes

… ahem


Bear must’ve been feeling a bit left out:



5 thoughts on “Resistance is futile

  1. Marcie says:

    Yet people look at us strangely when we confess that we vacuum our quilts! God bless all helpful cats.

  2. ozjane says:

    Bless the little darlings……they just love their Mummy. I am contemplating if I and Ophelia could drag ourselves into the car on Saturday but I am all confused with dates and life in general…..and am reading on Sun morning so if wet I shall hide in bed instead…and draw strength from day sleeping!!
    Mogs has adopted as her new one and only bed (apart from my chest of a night on the sofa) a cushion thingy I bought for a tablet or whatever to sit on. I had to repair the darn thing as it began to leak tiny beads.

  3. dorothyoz says:

    Great post …. loved the cats but Bear just cracked me up. xox

  4. donna lee says:

    You sure that fabric isn’t catnip infused? I was pinning out a pattern for my daughter’s wedding dress and realized I had no cats to sit on it as I tried to cut the fabric. Tragedy!

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