Usually the Great Annual Bearcut is scheduled for early October, [ after the worst of the sub-zero overnights and before the hot sets in ] but we’ve been having spectacularly weird Spring weather, so this week was the first chance to ring up Bear’s torturer hairstylist for an appointment.

Today’s the day.

Someone is unimpressed. But it’s not an aesthetic choice. Some of the prevalent grasses have seeds that are wicked, wicked things, capable of snagging onto, and burying themselves into, almost anything. Of course the Aussie Summer heat is a factor too, but really, it’s all about the damn grass seeds.



Someone has worked out what’s afoot, and is cowering in my [unmade] bed …  which, given that is his usual hidey-hole, not really an effective means of escape and he slinks out to the car like a Bear condemned.



After two hours of pampering and perfuming:

you might be forgiven for thinking that I’ve been given the wrong dawg, but it is,indeed, my little Bear-y man, now showing at least a nominal resemblance to his wee little mini foxie mum.




Bear and I were just taking a pleasant, post-prandial perambulation around the block, while being divebombed by half the mosquito population of the area nothing in particular on my mind [ can’t speak for the dawg ] when I was quite suddenly very happy that I was carrying the camera.

Okay… Nice. Peaceful. Rural vibes a plenty. But hardly anything new. So why the happy? 018 How about this next one? I realise it’s not very well focused but it was zoomed to the max and no tripod 008 a family [ tribe? flock? ] of Australian White Ibis Four that I was able to photograph, but five or six originally, and while they’re not rare or uncommon in Australia as a whole, I have never seen more than one at a time here, [ ‘here’, as in, on my own acreage, as opposed to ‘here’: Castlemaine, or ‘here’: Victoria even ] 005 So colour me happy.

034 Mosquito bitten … but happy

PS Less than four weeks till Christmas. You may now proceed to panic.

and yeah, I do realise this is kind of a drive-by post. Just keeping in touch folks 🙂

Yes I’m still here

I don’t think I’ve ever gone remotely this long between posts. Even a week is unusual.

So what’s been going on?

Well … there have, as some of you surmised, been health issues. Nothing nasty, or life threatening, but prolonged and debilitating, resulting in a distinct lack of energy or motivation to do much more than couch surf.

Add to that the lengthy periods each day spent talking/singing to Miss Abigail via Skype, and well, there was [another]  distinct lack of time and/or energy for crafting well thought out bon-mots and clever segues.

… and then, I’m sure a lot of you would agree that Facebook et al have changed the face of blogging. It’s so much easier to just dash off a sentence or two as a status update, and in a day or so it’s consigned to the dustbin of history.

I’ve pondered long and hard as to whether continued blogging served any purpose. I mean, I’m not flogging any business enterprise or political/social/moral agenda, and most of my dearly beloved rarely, if ever, read the thing. So why continue? and the answer is, I suppose, that I have missed it, and those of you that do read, however sporadically.

So there. I’m back.

There has been gardening and the general round of ‘life-in-the-country’ type chores … when I had the energy.

There has been knitting [ but I’ll have to go back and check where we left off ]

There has been crochet [ditto]

and a modicum of quilting.008


about which I will tell you later.

Oh, and the annual Christmas insanity is in the process of getting underway. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.