Bear and I were just taking a pleasant, post-prandial perambulation around the block, while being divebombed by half the mosquito population of the area nothing in particular on my mind [ can’t speak for the dawg ] when I was quite suddenly very happy that I was carrying the camera.

Okay… Nice. Peaceful. Rural vibes a plenty. But hardly anything new. So why the happy? 018 How about this next one? I realise it’s not very well focused but it was zoomed to the max and no tripod 008 a family [ tribe? flock? ] of Australian White Ibis Four that I was able to photograph, but five or six originally, and while they’re not rare or uncommon in Australia as a whole, I have never seen more than one at a time here, [ ‘here’, as in, on my own acreage, as opposed to ‘here’: Castlemaine, or ‘here’: Victoria even ] 005 So colour me happy.

034 Mosquito bitten … but happy

PS Less than four weeks till Christmas. You may now proceed to panic.

and yeah, I do realise this is kind of a drive-by post. Just keeping in touch folks 🙂


2 thoughts on “

  1. Marcie says:

    Lucky you! They are lovely birds.

  2. sue says:

    I think we are going to blink and the rest of the year will be gone. It has flown by and I have not even started any xmas shopping as yet. Isnt it nice to see wildlife in groups. We get a few unusual cranes around our dams here, one which is totally white but I havent looked it up to find out what it is as yet.

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