Usually the Great Annual Bearcut is scheduled for early October, [ after the worst of the sub-zero overnights and before the hot sets in ] but we’ve been having spectacularly weird Spring weather, so this week was the first chance to ring up Bear’s torturer hairstylist for an appointment.

Today’s the day.

Someone is unimpressed. But it’s not an aesthetic choice. Some of the prevalent grasses have seeds that are wicked, wicked things, capable of snagging onto, and burying themselves into, almost anything. Of course the Aussie Summer heat is a factor too, but really, it’s all about the damn grass seeds.



Someone has worked out what’s afoot, and is cowering in my [unmade] bed …  which, given that is his usual hidey-hole, not really an effective means of escape and he slinks out to the car like a Bear condemned.



After two hours of pampering and perfuming:

you might be forgiven for thinking that I’ve been given the wrong dawg, but it is,indeed, my little Bear-y man, now showing at least a nominal resemblance to his wee little mini foxie mum.





11 thoughts on “Bearcut

  1. Margaret M Staunton says:

    What, no bow !! No wonder he looks pleased this time.

  2. He’s a cutie – shorn or not!! We used to clip our little Japanese Chins but we now have a Griffon Bruxellois so will probably not have to give him a summer haircut.

  3. Jenny E says:

    What a handsom pose too !! He is Bear-y bootiful 🙂

  4. Rosemary says:

    He looks so handsome! Billy used to have an annual shear too because of the dreaded grass seeds. Now that was a shearing job! I was tempted to line him up after the sheep for the shearers to do.

  5. catsmum says:

    well if I had a St Bernard, I’d be tempted to use a shearer too. You might need to investigate that option with the new puppy, eh?

  6. Carol says:

    Oh dear! I feel your pain Bear. Because my Lucky boy had a hair cut yesterday. I asked for a clip. They gave him a baldy buzz cut. I can honestly say I had to look twice, I didn’t recognise him without all his whiskers coming out of the vets. I’ve popped a pic on my blog. But I bet Bear feels as free as a bird now, just like Lucky. How quickly does it grow back, this is the shortest Lucky has ever been.

    • catsmum says:

      It usually takes several months to grow back – just in time for the cold weather. Of course Lucky boy may not have the same results as Bear. must pop over to your blog now for a looksee 🙂

  7. ozjane says:

    Oh da poor wee lambkin!

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