Three Weeks To Go

and even though I live out of town and there aren’t exactly a lot of what you could term ‘passers-by’, I still like to let the neighbours know that silly season is fast approaching:

christmas 025

Just what you’d expect to see: Santa up a gum tree

christmas 021

It’s a bit of a grey old day today. A cool change and some welcome rain, after the 36C /97F that we sweated through yesterday.

christmas 006

Pull up a chair, and join us for a cuppa and some shortbreads. Is Earl Grey okay for you ? English Breakfast maybe ?

christmas 009

And here we have my first decorating rule of the season, which relates to the disposal of ratty or otherwise superceded Christmas trees of the genus pinus faux .

christmas 007

Which is simply stated thus: if too far gone for the original purpose, a pair of wire cutters makes quick work of repurposing the greenery for outside decoration. It’s not like in Northern climes, where one can use real green stuff. It wouldn’t last more than a day or so in temperatures like we have had this week.

christmas 019

with or without Santa Snow [ bloody ‘orrible stuff. Never buying that again ]

christmas 018

christmas 017

christmas 015

christmas 016

21 days and counting


7 thoughts on “Three Weeks To Go

  1. Marcie says:

    And that’s only the ouside!

  2. donna lee says:

    I have the same moose on the swing! She hangs inside here, though. The weather is seldom nice enough for her to be outdoors.

    We are still sheet rocking so the decorating will have to wait and i have to get my fix from other people.

  3. sooziiis says:

    Love the look on Bear’s face ….. lol

  4. Bronwen says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas Susan,I’m sure Santa will stop for you and David. B. xx

  5. Narelle says:

    Love your outdoor decorations and signage :o)

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