I know I’m late but …

seriously, the only thing I was able to focus on the last couple of weeks was getting the manse decorated for the festive season while simultaneously organising a weekend’s worth of festivities for the turning of the big 6-0.

Herewith, today, and two weeks later than usual, the start of the Christmas Tour proper.

and so [ because I wouldn’t want to throw you in at the deep end ] we begin, as we often do, in my bedroom:

it’s not hard to Christmassify [ yes, that is so a word ] my room. It’s green and cream and pink with Edwardian furniture, so I’m most of the way there as soon as I pack away a few things.

Change the bedding for a burgundy and green scrap English strippy style quilt containing several decades’ worth of small pieces of Christmas print,¬† and finished in 2012: [ added decorative tissue -on-floor contributed by Bear ]


hang some ‘icicles from the light

arrange a few folksy Saint Nicks.


and angels


on the tea trolley that holds the television


add a wee tree decorated with knitting and sewing stuff, buttons, my great grandfather’s fob watch and a few other meaningful bits and bobs,


plus a scrap of hundred year old crazy quilting in lieu of a tree skirt, the whole lot sitting on a shabby vintage chair

023 and you’re nearly there.

Add a vignette on top of great granny’s cedar chest of drawers/ tallboy/ armoire


finish with vintage crochet gloves, ‘crystal’ bead swag,and a mercury glass Father Christmas

8 sleeps


2 thoughts on “I know I’m late but …

  1. vAL gROOMBRIDGE says:

    you never fail to amaze!! I only have my tree out this year plus a couple of baubles….everything else has been packed!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Just beautiful. I love the added touch of Bear on the bed. It just makes the Christmas scene that much better.

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