Christmas House Tour 2013 Day 2

… or day 3 if you count the day that I posted the pictures from the outside of the house.


today we’re sliding through the big room, which – as I say pretty much every year – the architect mistakenly thought was the lounge/living room and the dining room. Silly him. I use the dominant end as my sewing room and the other as an ancillary living room. You’ll see that bit tomorrow.

For the moment we’re in what is normally my ‘studio’ space.

Because of the small peeps in my life, the main Christmas tree, which is sitting where my permanently-up ironing board normally resides ,

christmas 009

is currently corralled inside a fence made of two elderly wooden playpens on loan from friends.

christmas 002

Hiding behind this tree and virtually unseen – as well as being slightly out of focus – is a bookcase with quilts and some vintage Christmas postcards

christmas 007

More postcards and also part of my collection of nativity sets including the English paper one in the middle from my parent’s first year as a married couple, 1950.

christmas 019

christmas 027

christmas 021

and this year’s acquisition-that-I-couldn’t-resist: an aussie nativity with the cutest round wee koalas.

christmas 025

and to round off today’s visit Chez-Catsmum, this year’s finished queen-size Christmas quilt, which is currently covering my design wall

[ that’s the gridded white batting that you can see peaking out at the sides –

christmas 006

and random animals, on my sewing table, provided purely for scale

Come back tomorrow if you’d like to see the rest of this room.

There may well be shortbread!!

7 sleeps


6 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2013 Day 2

  1. Hilary says:

    Just love the fact that random amp imams just dropped in to provide scale!!

  2. So very pretty and the animals so cute.

    Happy Christmas, thank you for sharing

  3. donna lee says:

    I don’t know why but this year I feel like I’m brimming over with Christmas spirit and cheer. It must be shining out of my ears! I always love the holidays but for some reason, this year I am feeling particularly joyful (and there are no mind altering substances that are responsible!)

  4. […] and we’re in the other end of the same room as last time. […]

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