Christmas House Tour 2013 continues

and we’re in the other end of the same room as last time.

christmas 013

and even though most of the Christmas touches are the same as last year, it’s not the same couches, so the arrangement looks a little different in places.

christmas 015

The Arctic Saint Nicholas wallhanging sits a little high on the wall now, because these couches are a lot lower. Maybe by next year, I’ll have a different quilt to hang in that space. I already know from a few years ago, that the triptych works perfectly well on the wall behind the Jim Shore nativity,


009 (4)

027 (4)

so it wouldn’t be going out of rotation.

Especially as I only just  – well, recently only just – made these cushions to go with Arctic Saint Nick:

christmas 016

using small motifs that were originally printed along the bottom of the main panel fabric. I did simple quilt-as-you-go Log Cabins using some of the same fabrics as those wonky ‘Stack and Slash’ star blocks that are framing Saint Nick and a bound edge like you’d do on a quilt. Simples.

I never used to go blue at Christmas, which is a bit funny because my last house was entirely blue. Maybe I felt that it just wouldn’t look sufficiently Christmassy, but when I got the blue ‘patchwork’ nativity,

029 (4)

it was so different from anything else that I had at that stage, and it was obvious that a few touches of blue were needed … and … they’ve just kept on creeping in.

A bit of blue in the Santa Claws table runner:

christmas 017

a couple of my Danish Christmas plates , with white-painted reindeer,

christmas 019

and a new find: an advent calendar mini chest of drawers. I didn’t really do anything with that this year, but next year it’ll be fun filling all those tiny drawers.

christmas 021

Shabby painted vintage chairs as side tables, piled with some of my collection of Christmas books

christmas 018

and I figured I’d better unfold the quilt on the back of the couch so you could see it properly

[ a Stack-and-Whack from I think the late ’90s ]

christmas 026

Crochet snowflakes – stiffened in PVA glue – hang from the light fitting like a crystalline chandelier

christmas 038

and finally a view down the length of the room so that you can get a sense of how it relates to yesterday’s post.

christmas 036

Yes, I know there’s stuff under the table. Someone left it here after my birthday last weekend. if I hide it, I’ll forget where it is.

Oh yeah, there’s another, very early [ 1985 ] Christmas Star quilt on the back of that other couch.

4 sleeps


One thought on “Christmas House Tour 2013 continues

  1. vAL gROOMBRIDGE says:

    looking gorgeous as always!!

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