Ho Ho Ho

Picking up where we left off yesterday:014 while you have a sip of your eggnog, we’ll take a quick nip down the hallway past a few of my stitcheries and smaller Christmas quilts

starting with a cross cultural assemblage: an american style Wild Goose Chase hanging from an antique loom heddle from Thailand


and then moving on down the hallway: past a ‘clothes line’style arrangement of miniature quilts and naive embroideries.

001I don’t know about you,

but I far prefer the old European style Saint Nicholas


005to the modern, largely American, Santa .

As for the angelic hosts, I don’t mind whether they’re childlike and naive003

or high Victorian004

and here I have a confession to make. I all but finished the embroidery on that blue one NINE years ago, and , with about an inch to do, packed it away for the move up here. And lost it.

She came to light a few months ago, and about ten minutes of stitching saw that part finished. In fact the hardest part was locating the right colour thread! A quick border, backing and binding, et voila: another finished object.

A couple of teeny miniature ‘quilts’ [ those trees are less than 2 inches square ]

christmas 030

and a peek round the corner into the visiting grandkids’ room, with a tied Log Cabin quilt made in 1990,


and a tree that they’re not likely to pull over


and finally back out into the hall


Now rest up.

Fortify yourself with mince pie and shortbread, for tomorrow we move into the approaches to the North Pole the kitchen, and that’s where you’ll need all the stamina you can muster.

3 sleeps


One thought on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Maria says:

    Every year Susan I am impressed, amazed, even jealous of the amazing variety and quality of your Christmas decorations.
    And this year is no exception!!!

    Would so love to be able to pop in to your place at this time of year

    Merry Xmas & a very happy belated birthday

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