No Business like Snow Business

and here we are on the slopes approaching the North Pole

my kitchen. The closest I am ever likely to get to a northern hemisphere white Christmas

Christmas 019

blue and white Danish and German plates

Christmas 011

crochet snowflakes, many from years past, plus the 30 or so made this year, less the 20 given away

Christmas 004

Christmas 007snowmen

Christmas 015

more snowmen and some Christmooses

Christmas 020

the ‘kitchen tree’:Christmas 013

tiny wooden ornaments, vintage miniature kitchenalia and, of course, candy canes: both the edible variety and some of a more permanent nature made of twisted glass

Christmas 033

my first ever Christmas card, currently celebrating its 60th birthday:

Christmas 018

‘T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house …

You never know what you might find tucked into odd corners

behind the tree

Christmas 037

on the dresserChristmas 029

Christmas 021

on top of the microwave

christmas 040

next to the kettle

christmas 042

I know I’ve left a lot of stuff out, so you might need to go back and look at some of previous year’s posts.

By the way … just in case it has somehow escaped your attention:

Christmas 026

and don’t forget to visit tomorrow for the final post in this year’s Christmas House Tour


6 thoughts on “No Business like Snow Business

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing your most beautiful house and decorations, wishjng you and your family a Happy Christmas filled with love, health and happiness.

  2. Margaret M Staunton says:

    Wow, it seems as if you have a lot more than last time. How come your cats don’t investigate them? My sister’s cat especially likes to eat tinsel. Enjoy your Christmas with Family.

  3. Peg says:

    Thankyou for sharing, wonderful thoughts in all that.
    Love and all good wishes for a GREAT 2014.
    Love, Peg xx

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