Spinning at the Goat Show

Perhaps I should have titled this multi-tasking at the Goat Show.

It was the last weekend in April, so for the third year running, Renata, David Abigail and I could be found at the Prince Of Wales Showgrounds in Bendigo, surrounded by boer goats, woodturners, saanen goats, chrysanthemums, cashmere goats, giant pumpkins [309 kilograms!! ] angora goats, fabulous food, mini goats, local food producers, nubian goatsĀ  … and alpacas.

We were basically there to pad out the ‘exhibits’, do a favour for our favourite goat gurus Pete-and-Brenda, and to add a bit of Ye Olde Worlde local colour.


I took one of the upright [castle] spinning wheels and spun appropriately goat-y cashmere/mohair, Nadie was demonstrating supported spinning using a spindle turned by a local Bendy bloke by the name of Jeff, who, we are reliably informed, was there amongst the woodturners, [ shame we couldn’t remember the name of Tara’s supplierĀ  of wonderful turned thingies ]

050 David who isn’t really an ‘animal’ person, was fairly resigned to a boring weekend, and Abby cornered the market on being cute and adorable [ although these ladies came a close second ]


As you can see from the video, Nadie has fully mastered the art of Mummy multi-tasking, although she feels this wasn’t her BEST spinning, given that she couldn’t see what the heck she was doing over Abby.

Call me biased if you like, but I think she’s pretty damn impressive.



Yes, I know

that some of you have been concerned by the relative paucity of posts recently. There are a few things going on healthwise that have had a fairly significant impact on my energy levels, so once that’s all sorted I promise to a] fill you in and b] try to get the posting back to previous levels.

Despite the lack of proof, there actually has been knitting, spinning [gasp] and quilting [ double gasp ] going on, which I will endeavour to chronicle before I forget most of it.

In the meantime , here are a couple of pix from last weekend’s All Breeds Goat Show up in Bendigo.