wordless wednesday





Yarn Bombing the Library … again!

It’s not just giraffeses and heffalumps that get to indulge their literary side, y’know.

Today was my [ Neko’s] turn. The dog insisted on coming too, but you can’t have everything in life, can you?

Anyway, we checked out the reading seat ottoman thingie in the children’s area that The Domestic Staff [ aka Catsmum ] yarn bombed yesterday. Very comfy.

Then we spent some time on the front desk interacting with the patrons

and admiring librarian/local historian Robyn’s wonderful banner that she just “dashed off in one night”


while Domestic Staff pimped out one of the book shelving trolleys

and Nadie curled up on one of the yarn bombed armchairs to work on her current knitting project  [ but I don’t have a picture of that ]

and then I got to spend some quality feline appreciation time with Ms Alison the suitably cat mad loving librarian

a very sensibile way to spend a cold, wettish and dreary Winter day.

Knit like mad at the Library indeed.

Out In the Wild

There’s wildlife aplenty round here: reptiles of both the legged and legless varieties, birds of all shapes and sizes, the occasional ‘roo or wallaby, echidnas, and, of course, my arch nemesis, the fox …

On the list of things that we wouldn’t normally expect to see out here in the wilds of Muckleford, would definitely be your basic giraffe, and yet, that’s just what I saw in the garden this arvo, deep in conversation with Bear,

and later, enjoying a drink at one of the local waterholes

She is very quiet and well behaved, so we’re letting her stay.

If you would like a giraffe of your very own, you can find the free pattern as a ravelry download here

The pattern is written for 4ply [fingering] and a 3.5mm hook. I used vintage 5ply [ sport] and a 3mm hook.



Our little family is growing

but there’s something different about this newest addition

I can’t quite put my finger on it …

Bear was of the very strong opinion that there were more than enough flipping cats in these ‘ere parts,

and I always endeavour to keep my little mate happy


a lilltle tinkering with the original amineko pattern and

Spotlight Basics ACKrylic 8 ply, 3.6mm hook

[ colour me thrilled to have found a good use for the remaining balls of ACK in the stash ]

still using the Amineko pattern for the basic head, body, arms and legs, and with improvised ears and muzzle.

Like Bear, who is a fox terrier / maltese – papillon, I think Doggu is a bit of a mixed breed.

Like there weren’t enough cats round here already

I can’t remember what I was actually looking for – probably doing that typical web browse where you just click on from link to link and end up a universe away from where you started – but one day back in 2006 I found a pattern for a totally cute [ but never cutesy-poo ] crochet cat.

You all know how i feel about cats, right ?

Only problem was that the directions were in Japanese. I don’t read japanese.

Still I printed it all out in the hope that one day it would be used

Fast forward a bit, and I discovered that the designer had a charted version in English

so that got added to the file too

and that’s pretty much where it all stayed until last month when, engaged in my regular perusal of the library database, I discovered that amineko is now a book, and one was on order.So that was me #1 in the reserve queue !!

Oh frabjous day!

So far this week I have:

crocheted the bits of two-and-a-half amineko[s]

The little mauve one is an anonymous BWM 8ply wool on a 3.5mm hook

The darker blue stripey one is Yarn Bee Worsted Wool  [ an unplied singles ] and a 4.5mm hook

Number 3 – when it grows up – will be the denim blue one in Sirdar Denim Sport Aran … a lovely soft cotton blend yarn. Very nice to work with.

Number 1 has been stuffed, sewn, suitably embellished

and has already been instructed as to his/her/its position in the feline hierachy

obviously Neko is not particularly worried.

A very laid-back feline indeed.

I wish the same could be said for Bear

who is not impressed