I’ve been a baaaad Blogger


So this week I have:

enjoyed the company of quilting & knitting friends

played hostess to assorted friends and rellies over the weekend

finished a babyquilt

started a new quilt

finished a shawl

knitted most of a cowl

converted a too-small onsie into a cute little ruffled t-shirt

made several yummy healthy nourishing meals

got to quilting for the first time all year

lit the first bonfire of the season

had several walks-in-the-park-with-Bear

and basically photographed none of it

so in lieu of all the mental posts I wrote this week that didn’t make it onto the keyboard

I give you some fairly gratuitous Abby cuteness on the quilt that her ‘auntie’ Nat made for her:

066 (3)



introducing Miss Abigail Rose vP, formerly known as Cookie, who arrived at 7pm last night [December 3rd] weighing in at 8lb and 10oz, and 50cm [20 inches ] long.146

I dropped Dave off at 9am and did a flying drive down and back by 3pm for pickup. 153

‘T’was totally worth the 5 hours in the car, weird weather, homicidal truckers and suicidal Christmas shoppers

185to meet my newest little princess who is probably one of the quietest, most serene newborns I’ve ever met. She is totally daddy’s girl already. Pfft … could’ve guessed that one. After all ‘Abigail’ means Father’s joy.


the best laid plans

… and I was being soooo organised.

Having seen the dreaded lurgy of last week out the door, I was all prepared to meet my newest grandchild tomorrow

The lovingly knitted annd crocheted bits and pieces were all boxed up this morning,

little pressies for my grandsons bought and wrapped this afternoon.

Oh, I tell you, I was positively glowing with  virtuous, organised grandmotherliness …

and then I remembered that one particular, very special little cardigan lacked a certain something … like being blocked … or having buttons … or even, come to think of it, actually being sewn together.

and you can’t rush the sewing up [ well, I can’t ] because as sure as I try to do a rush job, I botch it up.

So, after several deep cleansing breaths, I put the current knitting/spinning aside, settled in, and sewed it up. Followed by the fastest wet blocking in the history of the world.

Now you have to bear in mind that a central Victorian Winter’s late afternoon/evening is not generally conducive to a natural drying session outside, so cut to some careful force-drying on top of the wood heater [ much to MissC’s disgruntlement as that’s her favourite winter warm spot ]

and here it is:

The pattern is Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis, and is available free at Jimmy Beans Wool.

The really clever thing about this wee cardi is that the whole front panel unbuttons, making it easy to make extras [ which I haven’t yet ] for quick changes, and potentially cutting down on the number of times the whole garment needs laundering. Miss Asher may have her own ideas on that score.

The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills new machine washable 8ply/DK wool/bamboo in Merlot [ much deeper wine colour than my evening flash photography shows ] on 4.5mm KP needles. and, as the pattern is written for a heavier yarn, I used the stitch count for the middle size, while following the measurements for the smallest.

Here’s the rest of the package:

hats, mittens, a cotton ‘salsa’ dress/top for next summer, with sewn pull-on pants for underneath,  and, as specifically requested by DDIL who knows she’ll be inundated by a sea of pink, a mauve crochet blankie and everything else in red.

Okay, I’m going back to my TDF knitting now



Still haven’t met our newest addition to the family and have no idea what she looks like with her eyes open, but as the ‘code id da doze’ is on the way out, ‘t’will happen soon. In the meantime, thanks to FB, I’m being kept well supplied with photos.



Introducing Asher

This is my new grand daughter who arrived a couple of hours ago weighing 8 lb and 1 oz, and one day before her due date.

I’ll have to wait until I’ve thoroughly shaken off the current lurgy before I get to meet her in person, but thanks to the wonders of the innernets, I know who she resembles [ and I know that they change ], but for now she is the image of her middle brother Noah, and so like the first photos of her daddy.