A purrfect day

Sometimes winter is grey, dreary, dismal, and seems to drag on forever

and then there are the days like today.

moderately warm, not a cloud in the sky … nothing but trees and birdsong and the chirruping of various amd sundry bugs

so of course I decided to sully all that wonderful fresh air with a major bout of my favourite winter activity … the ritual raking, piling and sacrificial bonfiring

and now I should clarify for those of you that haven’t been with me since the last bout of winter pyromania.

When one lives in the middle of acres of australian bush, producing vast amounts of leaf and bark detritus – in the most bushfire prone country in the world – it is not only acceptable but actually officially encouraged and actively sanctioned, that the fuel load be reduced in winter.

The raking and piling, bending, and toting part isn’t so much fun

but the bit where you get to set fire to things [in a safe and carefully controlled environment],
the inner pyro just loves that bit

and the tending of the fire … that bit is good too.




companion animals

[ taking a break from fire watching to indulge a keen interest in the multitude of  insect larvae, frogspawn and teeny tadpoles currently inhabiting the dam ]

all good

except for the part where I cannot now move certain parts of my anatomy

but you can’t have everything