Things I learned this week …

Partial blogging restored courtesy of Nadie’s IPad: (but no photos) So here are the things that I learned this week : 1. Surgery isn’t fun … No wait … I already knew that. However, contrary to the opinion of last year’s anaesthetist, that there was no anaesthetic that he was happy to use with me, this year’s fella was happy to try Fentanol ( apparently 10 times stronger than morph so presumably used very carefully ) which he did with minimal adverse results. Basically just a bit of nausea, a slow slide sideways each time I tried to read or knit, coupled with a highly attractive tendency for my left eye to close against my conscious efforts while the right eye hovered somewhere around half mast. A small price to pay for adequate pain relief but not a great look. 2. I have some really nice friends … No wait … knew that too. ( they know who they are ) 3. If you have any intention of knitting, crocheting or stitching, get them to canulate the non dominant hand … Nope … Knew that one too … learned that one the hard way LAST year. 4. My daughter is pretty special … Well … Obviously I knew that, but specifically I’m referring to the fact that she drove 2 hours to get up here on Monday to bring me  home from hospital DESPITE having fallen the previous day ( the bump is fine but Nadie’s nose and wrists didn’t fare quite so well ). This week it’s been a bit of a moot point who was looking after whom. 5. I totally suck at taking it easy … Well, I think we ALL knew that. 6. The sight of a whole family of kookaburras congregating on the nineteenth century chimneys of the hospital was just awesome … and so’s our wonderful little hospital … But I already knew that too … I could’ve gone to Bendigo but why would I ?  Not knocking Bendy, but the level of care and attention available at Castlemaine can’t be faulted …  well, apart from having to wait until the hour of nine of the clock to get a cup of tea !


Yarn Bombing the Library … again!

It’s not just giraffeses and heffalumps that get to indulge their literary side, y’know.

Today was my [ Neko’s] turn. The dog insisted on coming too, but you can’t have everything in life, can you?

Anyway, we checked out the reading seat ottoman thingie in the children’s area that The Domestic Staff [ aka Catsmum ] yarn bombed yesterday. Very comfy.

Then we spent some time on the front desk interacting with the patrons

and admiring librarian/local historian Robyn’s wonderful banner that she just “dashed off in one night”


while Domestic Staff pimped out one of the book shelving trolleys

and Nadie curled up on one of the yarn bombed armchairs to work on her current knitting project  [ but I don’t have a picture of that ]

and then I got to spend some quality feline appreciation time with Ms Alison the suitably cat mad loving librarian

a very sensibile way to spend a cold, wettish and dreary Winter day.

Knit like mad at the Library indeed.

Yarnbombing Castlemaine Library part deux

Despite yesterday’s sterling efforts, there was still one nekkid armchair in the centre reading area.

The undressed chair was clearly jealous of its warmly clad comrades. Obviously this inequality could not be allowed to continue.

I took care of one arm in fairly pedestrian fashion:

Nadie had other ideas:

I also recovered a hassock/ottoman/pouffe in the children’s reading area with a repurposed never worn capelet, but forgot to photograph it, so I guess that’s my task for tomorrow.

Outside, someone had thoughtfully supplied the Bob lookalike with his own teeny waterbowl. The elderly canine next to him seemed a bit miffed that no one had given HIM a water bowl, winter coat and spool knitted lead

and just in case you can’t read what is printed on my tote bag in the first pic, it says:

” I knit,

therefore I am always armed with

two really sharp sticks, sturdy yarn and scissors

so do not mess with me ”





by your Castlemaine correspondent Georgia Giraffe

World Wide Knit In Public Day [ which is actually going on all this WEEK ] started with a genteel knit with the fine ladies of Daylesford at Deb’s Wholesome Foods Cafe. My handsome companion Heffalump joined me in a cappucino.

A bit later in the day, after returning home, lunching and some post-prandial couch potato-ing, we decided to cruise past the Castlemaine Library to check out the results of today’s scheduled WWKIPD yarn bombing

Heffalump tried the knitted bike but didn’t get very far

and this is the after-hours slot and side door [ which is actually in the 150 year old main facade ] now boasting a set of knitted bookshelves which we found very inspiring [ Heffalump and I are great readers you know ]

the children’s reading area ‘comfy seat’ is a little more comfy than usual

Tiny patron Ms Sophie admires a yarn bombed chair in the main reading area [ and yes, I did ask her mum for permission to use this photo ]

and here I’m overseeing the fine work that Nadie is doing yarn-bombing the outside hand rail

Our favourite bit of indoor jungle is decorated for the week

We’re going back tomorrow to add some more.

A Bear At The Bot

It was such a beautiful crisp Autumn morning

After the obligatory morning bark-at-the-annoying-little-mop-down-the-road, I decided to accompany my human into town. I don’t really enjoy sitting in that noisy thing she calls ‘car’ but it’s the only way that I can get to several interesting places.

Some days we use it to visit my family on Nannie and Poppie’s farm [ Mum refers to them as Pete-and-Brenda ]

and sometimes we go and hang out in the back garden at The Dove where they make wonderful things that include BACON and call me “Good Dog”

but today I thought that my human needed a bit of exercise so we went to walk the circuit at the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

While we waited for our friend Robyn to arrive with the chai, I caught up with all the news on the local notice-board:Here I am helping Mum’s friend Robyn to admire the view

This is “No Bear you can’t go for a swim in Lake Johanna”

local layabouts

We saw Mum’s friend J9

and I have to leave you there. There’s some magpies that need a good being barked at.



A Peaceful Night

I was thinking today about how quickly certain events can become a tradition. The visit to see ‘Cirque De Soleil’ with my daughter became a family tradition pretty quickly after we went for the second time. Going to the Quilt & Craft Show at Jeffs Shed in July also became something we ‘always do’ after only two  visits, and the Wool & Sheep Show is now equally traditional.

Last night I overheard someone explain to her friend that the Christmas Peace Concert was a Castlemaine tradition, and I thought how interesting that she felt that way as we’ve only been doing it at Christmas for a couple of years.

I have to confess that – as I was going to be otherwise occupied –  I once again coerced poor Marcie into being official photographer … basically by handing her the camera and looking hopeful. Thankyou sweetie, you’re a good egg 🙂

The Peace Choir [ in white ] augmented by Choice Voices from Bendigo, sang ‘Welcome To All People’ after the MC acknowledged the local indigenous owners. You can’t see Nadie and David but they are in there.

Then we heard from Choice Voices again, much to David’s very evident delight, and then more beautiful harmonies from Maine Song.

Jacinta Walsh from the local Community House read a sweet Australian Christmas story. Ostensibly this was for the littlies but we knew that was just an excuse..

We were treated to ethereal harmonies from the Rigby family’s band The Rainmakers, and I saw more than one audience member moved to tears by their rendition of a beautiful Kavisha Mazella song “The Kindness Of Strangers” based on an Italian Christmas tale from Kavisha’s childhood.

The quick change artists among us removed our Peace Choir t-shirts [ all except Judy who hadn’t thought that far ahead ] and we sang a couple more songs in our guise as The Chat Warblers. We obviously had David enthralled [!]

Another quick change: Peace Choir again – a few more songs and then the ‘traditional’ finish to Castlemaine Peace Concerts, John Lennon’s moving ‘Imagine’which we have always sung to the light of hundreds of candles since our first gig in May 2008.

This is certainly one local tradition that Nadie, David and I hope to be part of for many years to come.

14 days 4 hours and 5 minutes