A Berry Nice day

Red sky at morning, shepherd’s warning … which probably means a flipping cold night tonight …

but it was a lovely way to start in the day, which continued in  pleasant mode:

A lovely squishy package waiting for me at the post office.

This gobbsmackingly gorgeous ‘Mixed Berries” machine washable BFL sock yarn was a prize donated by Marie [ aka selkieb of Meadowlake Arts ] in the recent Ravelry Tour De Fleece. It was a random number generated thing, so not a reflection on the quantity or quality of my spinning, but still … berry noice. My photo doesn’t come close to capturing the saturation level of this yarn

You should all go visit her Etsy Shop

Next, some goat snuzzling over at Pete-and-Brenda-formerly-from-next-door’s farm at Emu Creek, and a chance for Bear to hang out with his family.

Goat snuzzling is always a good thing

Hello. My name is Heidi. I’m an Australian Miniature Goat

Heidi and friend

There may have been a quick run through the Garden Centre on the way home

There might have been one or two modest plant-like purchases

There may have been a spot of weeding in preparation for tomorrow’s planned planting of the hypothetical purchases

and  to finish off ? a relaxing knit in front of the Olympic Swimming coverage … with a cuppa … four cats … one small dog … and a roaring fire