Blood & Roses


and herewith the medals it was awarded in the Rav coughmutter* Games

pattern: Holden Shawlette available free on Ravelry here

yarn: Zauberball in Charisma [ supposedly a sock yarn but it’s an unplied singles so not something I would consider sturdy enough for socks, plus … too pretty ] from the Wool & Sheep Show haul 2012

needles: 4mm KPs and no coming apart dramas

started during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics [ July 28th 6.30am ]

finished knitting August 2nd [ blocked and ends sewn in August 4 ]

and I’d love to be able to tell you that I planned to have the colour changes in the yarn fall exactly in line with the garter stitch rows dividing up the lace … but no, that was just the way it decided to happen. Ditto for having the darkest part of the yarn form the border. Sometimes the gods of knitting are smiling, and just maybe they thought they owed me one after the saga of the cursed jacket.

* happily appropriating Nadie’s phrase. Ravellenic Games …pffft … they’re the bloody Ravelympics.