Guess who’s blowing rasberries

I thought I’d let you have a day or two without photos of  Miss Asher Jane …

so instead here’s Nadie-and-Chris’ work in progress, previously known as The Bean and currently being referred to as Cookie.

We will get to meet HER in late November.




Stretching her wings

Every so often a pattern will go viral through the knittingverse. Usually it’s available free, or really cleverly constructed, or quirky. Something about it just catches the attention and says ” make me … now!”

Wingspan is one of those patterns

and when The Girl decided to make one, as a step up from phone covers and other small things,I thought I’d be a good mum [ picture the maternal halo shining brightly ] and give her some brilliantly jewel toned Noro Silk Garden Sock [ lambswool, silk, kid mohair and a bit of nylon ] out of the stash.

Noro is funny stuff.

People either love it or hate it.

I love it … most of the time

Brilliant colours, long tonal changes, great fibre mixes … but [ I know you just heard that but coming ] … strangely coarse until its first wash, often full of vegetable matter, and, rather strangely, in my view, for a high price point yarn – often sporting mutliple knots-per-ball which interfere with the colour sequence, usually because a whole section’s been omitted.

Still I had three balls and she only needed one, so it was a safe bet that we could work around any joins.

Of which there was one.

Which we coped with,

and Nadie got to practice her Russian joins.

She actually finished it a few weeks ago, but I haven’t blogged about it because I was waiting for her to pop it on her own blog.

Hasn’t happened.


Just gorgeous, yes ?

Anyway, because of her wrist injury, The Girl works slowly, with rest breaks, and this wasn’t whipped up anything like overnight.

When it was finally done, she handed it to me for, I thought, help with weaving in the ends.


It’s mine


I should probably make sure that she always has ‘the good stuff’ to work with … just in case.

Thankyou Ron

In direct contrast to my first efforts at spinning with a wheel [ which could have easily been used as substitute fencing wire in any goat-escape emergency ] Nadie has produced 104 metres of quite lovely – and, very knittable – wool and alpaca on her trusty 28 gram osage orange drop spindle from Ron [ aka spinningwoodie ] whom we met at the Australian Wool & Sheep Show back in July.

I now know why I haven’t had too much success with the spindle that I bought from a different vendor a few years back.

The other chap is a perfectly competent woodturner BUT Ron is both a great woodturner AND a spinner of 30 years experience. It definitely does make a difference to have the maker understand your craft [ especially if he then spends half an hour or more teaching the wannabe spinner the basics of  park-and-draft, and explaining a lot of the finer points that I had to learn by trial and error ]

This yarn has been spun here, at Nonna’s, in the back garden at The Dove Cafe, on the train to Melbourne and back, on the platforms at Southern Cross and Mount Waverley Stations, in the Dentist’ waiting room, and on Tuesday at The Royal Melbourne Show, where Nadie was helping out at the Sustainable Backyard. Something that would have been a little bit harder to do with my Ms Charlotte Sheridan [ sheridan celtic ] as she isn’t exactly small and gets positively snarky after being thrown into the back of the car.

Anyway, be that as it may, here’s Nadie’s first completed – and very well travelled –  yarn:

One ply is some [ presumably ] wool roving from the back room at the Bendigo Woollen Mills provided by Ron

The other ply is some of my Alpaca , also from BWM.

The current plan is to dye it burgundy/red/purple and possibly to make some wristwarmers that will accomodate the first few metres of ‘yarn-with-character’.

Not surprisingly Nadie already has two other yarns in production … but that will have to wait for another day.