Resistance is futile

Clearly the feline dictators benign rulers of this abode see it as a truth apparent to all, that, in exchange for their daily tribute of kibble, it behooves them to make sure that nothing of a textile-in-progress nature should be allowed the slightest possibility of escape.

To this end, Suki designated herself the sitter-upon-er of the pieced quilt borders that I was attempting to attach to their designated quilt


Sumi, not to be outdone by this display of feline virtue, sat my freshly washed black linen into submission


and MissC – clearly in competition with the other two – demonstrated that her role was to prevent any escape attempts by the rest of the quilt


although she did take over linen squashing duties briefly while Sumi was otherwise occupied with secret cat business


At about this point, I realised that it was almost time to drive into town for a couple of hours of chai / crochet / chat at The Dove with Marcie, and to forestall anything untoward happening while I was gone, the remaining borders were pinned to the design wall and the quilt folded safely on a shelf, while I quickly updated my FB status with the latest feline activities. This probably took all of five two minutes

… ahem


Bear must’ve been feeling a bit left out:



No Woozles here!

but obviously we do have a heffalump


and for those who care about such things:

3mm hook

mystery 5 ply wool yarn from the Magic Back Room at BWM

very slight mods – a few extra rows in the trunk, and totally improvised ears because I left the pattern at home.

Out In the Wild

There’s wildlife aplenty round here: reptiles of both the legged and legless varieties, birds of all shapes and sizes, the occasional ‘roo or wallaby, echidnas, and, of course, my arch nemesis, the fox …

On the list of things that we wouldn’t normally expect to see out here in the wilds of Muckleford, would definitely be your basic giraffe, and yet, that’s just what I saw in the garden this arvo, deep in conversation with Bear,

and later, enjoying a drink at one of the local waterholes

She is very quiet and well behaved, so we’re letting her stay.

If you would like a giraffe of your very own, you can find the free pattern as a ravelry download here

The pattern is written for 4ply [fingering] and a 3.5mm hook. I used vintage 5ply [ sport] and a 3mm hook.


Christmas House Tour 2011: Day 3

… and today we’re going to have a quick visit to my room.

It’s reasonably easy to change this room over for Christmas because it has gumleaf green walls to start with and a floaty mosquito net over my cream Edwardian-style iron bedstead.The bed linens get changed over to a nice rich burgundy [ or if they’re in the wash, I make do with cream ] and THIS year I finally have a ‘proper’ Christmas quilt on my bed.

I finished it last year but had it on a different bed. Now it’s mine mine mine.

From memory, I was only going to make something about lap sized, to go on one of the armchairs, but the quilt had other ideas.

In the end, the size was determined by the length available of the burgundy and gold snowflake fabric that was just crying out to be the sashing.

It’s just a simple strip quilt, made with decades worth of seasonal fabric leftovers, strips cut from charm squares, and quite a few bits that students left in the scrap bins at class over the years. Bits that were ‘too small to do anything with’. I love looking at all those different tiny bits and trying to remember where they came from.

Some other Christmas touches :

Shabby chic style primitive wooden angels hang from the mosquito net, the armoire that belonged to my Great Granny and wherever else they fit:

Acrylic icicles hanging from the light fitting – and a much larger one in the window that I’m not showing you because then you’d see how dusty the window is [ goat paddock … lost cause ]

A small satellite collection of mainly cream Saint Nicks and a few angels sitting around and under the tellie.

A small fake tree adorned with glass, silver, crystal [ and faux-crystal acrylic ] and a smattering of current and vintage knitting and needlework tools.

If you look closely enough you may be able to spot scissors, bell shaped knitting needle gauges, an ivory stiletto, a vegetable ivory needlecase from Nepal,an abalone shell thimble holder and a few other bits and bobs

of course any bed quilt in this house comes with accompanying layer of cat and/or dog hair for reasons that should be self evident:

and I guess, looking at this last photo, that you’ll pretty much have to take it on trust that there are in fact burgundy sheets and pillowcases under that mountain of cream.


17 days 4 hours 22 minutes