BWM Colonial 5ply [sport ]

5.5mm KP needles

and if I ever again mention any intention of doing a picot cast-off on something this size, will someone please shoot me ?


Three of Six

More from Nadie’s marathon modelling session

Pharaoh-ese [ an Egyptian take on a Faroese shawl ]


US 9 – 5.5 mm
Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply – 1 ball 400m –  dyed with Landscapes Dye in Wild Rasberry, Sarsparilla, Clematis and one of the dark blues – forget which

I wanted a simple lace shawl in the traditional Faroese shape and couldn’t find quite the one I wanted, so made it up as I went along with the help of my Harmony Stitch Guide and a bit of maths and a large dollop of wishful thinking

…and , no,  nothing written down
Once it was finished and blocked, it seemed to take on an Egyptian feel – the feathered wings of Isis, and that arrowhead lace variation in the centre back panel suspiciously like the jackal head of Anubis.

I could claim to have planned it that way but we know differently, don’t we ?



I had this half memory of Holly Hunter, in The Piano, being pensive-and-shawl-wrapped on that wet New Zealand coast [ which couldn’t be much more different that the wilds of rural Victoria in the height of Summer ] but when I did an image search on the Almighty Google, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing a knitted shawl at all

but she should have





my own design, improvised in the spirit of the classic Faroese shawls but from the top down*. I could ramble on about what went into designing something like this, but truthfully the recipe is pretty much Vogue Lace Stitch Dictionary + maths = shawl

Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply in Purple Storm

5.5mm KP needles



* apparently Faroese shawls are knitted from the bottom up


a] I didn’t know that


b] I like top down construction, so it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had known.


You may remember a few posts ago when I alerted you to the  seductive nature of testknits.

Well  evil temptress enabler friend Toni did it again by pointing me in the direction of a new design by Canadian designer Natalie Servant.

Like I needed another shawl!

The original is a clever v-shaped shawl, but Natalie was interested in having it done as a rectangular stole as well.

Turns out long skinny knitted thingies may not be the easiest things to photograph

His Royal Beariness thought that this first pic

would be enhanced by the addition of his chewtoy. Purely for purposes of scale you understand.

The one thing to be said in it’s favour is that the deep cherry colour is reasonably true, and it does show off the pattern nicely I guess. Ms Natalie calls this one Clover [ presumably 4 leafed?] but I see hearts.

I tried laying it on the floor … various tables … nothing remotely successful

So next, being the kind, considerate, loving mother that I am, I hauled Nadie and an assortment of woollies outside for an extended photo shoot.

In case you didn’t know, it’s Summer here.

Today got to 38 degreesC [ 100F ]

Once again, greater love hath no daughter …

and for those who care about such things

Pattern: Clover by Natalie Servant

– I mainly used the written with the chart as backup.

yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply in Ruby [ 100% machine washable wool ]

needles: 4.5mm KP