A Peaceful Night

I was thinking today about how quickly certain events can become a tradition. The visit to see ‘Cirque De Soleil’ with my daughter became a family tradition pretty quickly after we went for the second time. Going to the Quilt & Craft Show at Jeffs Shed in July also became something we ‘always do’ after only two  visits, and the Wool & Sheep Show is now equally traditional.

Last night I overheard someone explain to her friend that the Christmas Peace Concert was a Castlemaine tradition, and I thought how interesting that she felt that way as we’ve only been doing it at Christmas for a couple of years.

I have to confess that – as I was going to be otherwise occupied –  I once again coerced poor Marcie into being official photographer … basically by handing her the camera and looking hopeful. Thankyou sweetie, you’re a good egg 🙂

The Peace Choir [ in white ] augmented by Choice Voices from Bendigo, sang ‘Welcome To All People’ after the MC acknowledged the local indigenous owners. You can’t see Nadie and David but they are in there.

Then we heard from Choice Voices again, much to David’s very evident delight, and then more beautiful harmonies from Maine Song.

Jacinta Walsh from the local Community House read a sweet Australian Christmas story. Ostensibly this was for the littlies but we knew that was just an excuse..

We were treated to ethereal harmonies from the Rigby family’s band The Rainmakers, and I saw more than one audience member moved to tears by their rendition of a beautiful Kavisha Mazella song “The Kindness Of Strangers” based on an Italian Christmas tale from Kavisha’s childhood.

The quick change artists among us removed our Peace Choir t-shirts [ all except Judy who hadn’t thought that far ahead ] and we sang a couple more songs in our guise as The Chat Warblers. We obviously had David enthralled [!]

Another quick change: Peace Choir again – a few more songs and then the ‘traditional’ finish to Castlemaine Peace Concerts, John Lennon’s moving ‘Imagine’which we have always sung to the light of hundreds of candles since our first gig in May 2008.

This is certainly one local tradition that Nadie, David and I hope to be part of for many years to come.

14 days 4 hours and 5 minutes